WOW! Moments at Schenley Gardens

Which activities make you the happiest? What is one of your lifelong dreams? These are just a few of the questions we ask our Schenley Gardens residents. Beyond just trying to get to know our wonderful residents, these kinds of questions help us to create memorable WOW! Moments for each and every senior who lives in our community. Whether a resident has always wanted to go the opera or has had a lifelong dream of being a stage actress, we find a way to make these dreams a reality. Read on to learn about the latest WOW! Moments here at Schenley Gardens Senior Living.

The Recreational Pilot

The team at Schenley Gardens recently learned that one of our memory care residents, Stew Martinez, used to be a recreational pilot. Once we found out, our team huddled together to make something special happen. We reached out to Tony Foster of the ABC Flying Club [...]

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A Lovely Day at Lili Café

Our kitchen team at Schenley Gardens Senior Living does a fantastic job of tailoring meals to residents’ dietary needs and preferences. We get to know our residents’ likes, dislikes and favorite foods. Whether it’s low sodium, sugar free or vegan, our award-winning chefs delight in making meals that are tasty and healthy. One of our residents, Nancy, is a vegetarian. While she always [...]

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A Lifestyle Option for Every Senior

How can we help? Depending on your needs and preferences, we have a lifestyle option to suit every senior. From memory care, to personal care, to short-term respite care, we can create a personalized senior care plan for you or your loved one.

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